The 72nd Italian Congress on Paediatrics – to be held at Palazzo dei Congressi and degli Affari from 16th to 19th November 2016 – will focus on the most vulnerable children, especially those suffering from neurological problems and rare chronical diseases, and immigrant children, who require maximum care and attention from the institutions. The logo of this Congress is the Virgin with Child, a masterpiece by Luca della Robbia made with glazed terracotta and housed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art of Philadelphia, a city twinned with Florence and whose children’s hospital has been fruitfully collaborating with the Mayer Children’s Hospital in Florence and with SIP (the Italian Society of Paediatrics). The congress, returning to Florence after 41 years, is organised by SIP – one of the most ancient associations in Italy and Europe – SINP (the Italian Society of Paediatric Neurology and by the project Gruppi di Studio per il Bambino Migrante e per la Qualità della SIP (Study Groups on Immigrant Children and for the Quality of SIP).

Today, promoting health and children’s rights is an essential part of Paediatrics. The congress will feature high-impact topics such as promoting vaccination and health-oriented lifestyles, which could greatly affect the future of our children in terms of life quality and health, even from a distance. The congress dates will also coincide with the World Prematurity Day (17 November) and the Universal Children’s Day (20 November). During those days, the SIP has been celebrated the General Assembly of Paediatrics for many years. This time, the Assembly will deal with child abuse and ill-treatment. The national event will take place on 19th November within the Congress, involving students and the city on this strongly ethic and social theme.

INFO: http://www.congresso.sip.it/