On Tuesday, 20th March 2018, under the artistic direction of Antonio Ficai, co-founder of the National Igersitalia Association and freelance marketing & communication consultant, 8 famous Italian influencers and travel bloggers will meet on the stage of the Teatrino Lorenese, offering their skills and experience to learn how to recognize professional influencers or bloggers and identify the elements which make this activity a real profession. This event is organised with the help of Destination Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau, in partnership with the Florence Municipality.

An update and training day for those who wish to know more about the influencer marketing world. A talk show with industry experts, but also a training session in the afternoon with tour operators (www.florenceupdate.com).

During the day, 9 speakers will alternate on stage, discussing topics such as correct storytelling in travel blogs, the world of LGBT tourism, how to communicate correctly to promote itineraries dedicated to families, how to make efficient editorial plans and copywriting. The event will also offer practical advice on video-making and photography for social channels and blogs, and on how to analyse data for efficient communication strategies.

With its fair & congress centre, Florence stars as a key destination in the influencer marketing and digital PR era, presenting an event devoted to the tourist industry. The aim is to help tourist professionals to know and recognize influencers, so as to insert this profession in their own promotion plans.

The purpose of this event – now in its first edition – is to become an ongoing update opportunity. A second edition is already scheduled for the end of 2018 and is set to deal with other topics linked with influencer marketing.


1,000 delegates will meet inside the premises of Palazzo dei Congressi and Palazzo degli Affari from 7th to 10th March 2018 for the 18th edition of the Congress of the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology. Experts of this field coming from all over the world will meet for four consecutive days, developing and elaborating on topics linked with women’s health, paying special attention to how hormones affect it.

The International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology (ISGE) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1986 to promote all aspects of science and research concerning gynecological endocrinology and communication among scientists interested in these topics. This biennial world congress of gynecological endocrinology is an important scientific event allowing the perfect integration between renowned faculty members and young talented scientists introducing innovative research.



The Florence Chamber of Commerce adopted an enterprise aid package for a total amount of 1.6 million Euros, designed for digital innovation, alternation between school and work, delocalisation and deseasonalisation of tourist flows, and to support small and medium-sized companies of the Metropolitan City of Florence, willing to participate in fairs and exhibitions included in the 2018 programme of international events taking place in Italy as of 2nd January 2018, published by the Conference of Italian Regions & Autonomous Provinces.

Enterprises will have the opportunity to receive a maximum contribution of 1,000 Euros, equivalent to 50% of the expenses incurred to lease the exhibiting areas. The minimum eligible amount of expenses is 500 euros. Furthermore, 100 euros will be granted to all companies having a legal rating, while another 100 euros will be allocated for those registered in the National Commercial Register of alternation between school and work.

Applications may be submitted to the Florence Chamber of Commerce from 19th March to 31st December 2018 until the allocated funds are exhausted.

For further information, please visit the Florence Chamber of Commerce website: