The 83rd International Handicrafts Trade Fair was presented in the Sala d’Arme at Palazzo Vecchio on Thursday, 22nd November 2018.

600 exhibitors, many of whom participating for the first time inside an exhibiting area of 55,000 square metres, will meet at a totally transformed Fair, under the aegis of the most excellent artefacts exhibited and no longer lasting 12, but 8 days (April 24 – May 1, 2019).  

“Florence and real craftsmanship have always been closely linked with each other, that is why we are lucky to have professionals capable of producing unique artistic techniques relying on their innovation and creativity. From this year on, Firenze Fiera represents a platform to relaunch the development of beautiful handmade products thanks to this new Fair. We can make this, since we are in Florence – a city which, for its legacy and vocation, will once again be the Italian and international reference point for these arts and crafts”, said Leonardo Bassilichi, President of Firenze Fiera.

“We worked with Firenze Fiera and the world of Florence arts & crafts to relaunch and reposition the International Handicrafts Trade Fair. That is why we decided to present the new edition of the Fair along with the work done so far for Florence’s candidature as UNESCO Creative City for Arts & Crafts”, added Cecilia Del Re, Councillor for Tourism & Economic Development of the Florence Municipality.

The guests of honour will be the best artisan companies of Florence and Tuscany, but also many new features such as enhanced tailor-made productions and live demonstrations, the space given to digital crafts and makers, educational activities and meetings with the protagonists of arts & crafts and design.

Another feature will be the project named “Del mestiere di Leonardo: immaginare, progettare e realizzare il futuro” (Leonardo’s Trade – Imagining, Planning and Making the Future), exploring new development models in parallel with artisans and designers, curated by Fondazione Architetti Firenze and Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci.

The Fair will go beyond the Fortezza and inside the city, with manufactures open to the public, installations and events in squares. The 2019 edition will get even more social, involving bloggers and the same digital artisans, the real protagonists of a new community.

The partnership with destinationflorence.com, the official portal promoting and commercialising the Florence cultural and tourist offer, will allow targeted promotional activities for Italian and international tourists, including tours of the main museums and attractions of the city. Moreover, the Fair will be promoted by sector professionals with timetabled B2B and B2C events.

To guarantee the reinvention and repositioning work for this Fair, a Scientific Committee of sector experts was created. The Committee is formed by: Andrea Aleardi (Director of the Fondazione Michelucci), Jean Blanchaert (applied arts art dealer), Carlo Francini (UNESCO manager for the Municipality of Florence), Elisa Guidi (Director of Artex), Maria Pilar Lebole (Manager of OMA, Osservatorio mestieri d’arte), Alberto Nespoli and Domenico Rocca (interior architects from EligoStudio and ambassadors of the well-made). The Scientific Committee is coordinated by Massimo Torrigiani (curator and founder of Boiler creative agency).


Countdown to the Wine & Food Biennale, bringing the largest and multipurpose wine & food event in Central Italy at the Fortezza da Basso from Friday, November 16 to Monday November 19, 2018. This event boasts 150 exhibitors from the wine and food industry. Admission is free on all the four days of the Fair.

This Fair is the ideal meeting point for all food lovers, wine enthusiasts and sector professionals – it is not just a simple trade show, but an event aiming at helping future customers become more aware when choosing or purchasing a product, through a path going from guided tasting to meeting the single producers.

The event boasts many high-level tastings and workshops devoted to the best food products, which can be booked online from the Wine & Food Biennale website at affordable prices.

Among the various activities, live gelato making with special tastes, public sake speaking, a photo exhibition called “La Bistecca si mette in mostra” and devoted to the famous Florentine steak, and “Eyes Wine Shot” – wine as you have never heard of before – a funny theatre show by La Tognazza dedicated to wine.

You can have lunch and/or dinner at Piazza della Pizza, where you will find the best pizza made in Florence. And for those who love good wines, do not miss the 12 guided tastings; on schedule, also the University of Beer classes – “From beer style to a glass of beer” – to discover all the secrets and techniques of a millenary product continuously evolving, up to the technique of beer tapping.

Discounts for members of Confesercenti, Unicoop Firenze and Soci Fisar, and for the readers of Firenze Spettacolo.



Do not miss the beautiful exhibition Omaggio a Bino Bini (A Tribute to Bino Bini) at Palazzo Bastogi, open until 22nd November 2018 and closing the 2018 cultural activities promoted by the Regional Council of Tuscany.

An eclectic and multifaceted personality, “a modern sculptor with an amazingly ancient heart” as Antonio Paolucci remembered him, Bino Bini was also a painter, engraver, medal maker and goldsmith. The Wine & Food Biennale – November 16-19, 2018. Continue reading Praising Details. A Tribute to Bino Bini at Palazzo Bastogi


The 83rd International Handicrafts Trade Fair, to be held at the Fortezza da Basso from 24th April to 1st May 2019, sheds its skin and launches its new web platform, with a brand-new graphic layout. The new Fair website is online, more intuitive and user-friendly and boasting a clearer, more exhaustive content presentation, along with a faster navigation.

The graphic and structural restyling of mostraartigianato.it is the first step towards an edition announcing the reinvention of the first Italian “Consumer Fair” devoted to handmade products. It features new sections, a richer and selected product offer, new exhibiting facilities, new fitting-out options and a rich agenda of events at the Fortezza and in the city.

The website features a clearer and direct organisation of exhibiting areas, product and service offer. The same homepage shows an interactive map, updated in real time, with a list of exhibitors and a map with the booth allocation.

The website also allows an easier and quicker access for exhibitors and visitors, with a link to register and buy entrance tickets in a just a few quick steps.

Focus on special events and on photo and video galleries, in order to experience the most significant moments of the Fair live, and on social profiles, with the opportunity to share contents with other users. The News section will be constantly updated with interviews and insights.

And finally, a brand-new feature this year – the mobile experience, allowing everyone to access the website via their own devices.