Corporate Governance


The term Corporate Governance includes all the rules and organisational structures regulating an efficient corporate management. A correct Governance generates a better management of enterprise risks and of potential conflicts between the company’s administrators and partners, as well as between majorities and minorities.
Firenze Fiera has therefore established a system of rules of conduct concerning its own organisational structure, as well as its relations with third parties.
Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Italian Leg. Decree no. 231/01
Firenze Fiera created its own Organisation, Management and Control Model, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/01.

The purpose of this model is to represent the system of operating and behavioural regulating the company’s activity, as well as further control elements established by the company, in order to prevent from committing any sort of offence provided for in the Decree.

This Model integrates the organisation and control tools which are already active, such as the organisation chart, the delegation and power of attorney system, as well as work orders.
The Model is also completed by the Code of Conduct, which constitutes an integral part of the same.

The implementation of the Model implied the creation of a specific Vigilance Body in charge of:
• checking the effectiveness of the Model, by verifying the coherence between the concrete behaviours and the established model;
• checking the adequacy of the Model as well as its actual ability to prevent unwanted behaviours in principle;
• analysing the durability of the solidity and functionality requirements of the model, carefully updating and adapting them to the rules if necessary.

A special “communication channel” was created in order to facilitate the vigilance activity of said Body, as well as the communication flow towards the same Body from any person who might come into possession of important information indicated in the Model, that is to say information related to the commission of any offence or “practices” which are not in line with the same Model and/or with the Code of Conduct. The channel is represented by an email address, specifically created for the Vigilance Body:
This email address gives the opportunity to communicate with the Vigilance Body in total anonymity. The address is available for the company and any of its employees who can use it without fear of retaliation.