The 4th Global Exhibitions Day took place in Rome, inside the Ara Pacis Auditorium, on Wednesday 5th June 2019. The event’s theme was Collaboration & Sustainability: Change Drivers for Italian Fairs. The celebratory Exhibitions Day was born in 2016 on the initiative of UFI – the Global Association for the Exhibition Industry – and AEFI – the Italian Fair and Exhibition Association.

“Italian fairs generating 60 billion Euros business and creating 50% of exports in companies which participated in their activities, are a key tool for an extraordinary development, able to react to crises by innovating and renewing themselves – recalled Laezza, President of AEFI.  A strategic asset to be supported through dedicated measures”.

After some speeches given by local authorities, highlighting the value of exhibition activities  as compared to an export growth in these last years, in the afternoon the Italian Fairs representatives (Bologna Fiere, Ferrara Fiere Congressi, Fiera Bolzano, Fiera Milano, Fiera Roma, Firenze Fiera, Ieg-Italian Exhibition Group, Riva del Garda Fierecongressi, Veronafiere e Villa Erba) took the stand. Among them, Sandro Nocchi, Managing Director of Firenze Fiera, who stressed the importance of the Florence company’s work in terms of eco-sustainability, sealed by the achievement of the ISO 14001 certification, as well as of a comprehensive and careful separate collection activity constantly carried out before, during and after each event.


MIDA 2019 – the new International Artisan Fair – successfully closed at the Fortezza da Basso. During the last opening day (1st May) the Fair registered a record attendance, so much that the closing time was postponed by two hours – a clear sign of the high popularity of this new format and of the event contents coming from a wider and more selected audience, who appreciated the exclusivity, the beauty and the originality of the artefacts presented by the over 500 exhibitors participating. The latter were totally satisfied with the significant increase in purchases and in negotiations launched as compared to the past editions.

The side exhibitions were also highly appreciated: Firenze su misura – Wunderkammer (Tailor-Made Florence – Cabinets of Curiosities), Le Sette Meraviglie della Toscana (The Seven Wonders of Tuscany), Ori e Tesori (Golden Treasures), Sonus and the movie festival curated by Milano Design Film Festival.

The Rastriglia pavilion was overcrowded thanks to a full schedule of meetings and workshops dedicated to the “Nuovissimi” (The Brand New), focusing on Makers, with proposals concerning technological innovations, circular economy, digital handicrafts and self-production.

Another successful feature was the new section exclusively devoted to agri-food producers, with cooking shows, demonstrations, meetings with great chefs and tasting under the aegis of quality.

Buyers from the main international markets, coming to the Fortezza thanks to MEET THE ARTISANS project, curated by PromoFirenze, highly enjoyed the Fair.

And last but not least, all the guided tours of artisanal workshops, the vaults and the monumental area of the Medicean Fortress, and of the Restoration Workshops of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure were sold out. These events created an amazing programme “outside the Fair” which already promises to become wider and more articulated for the 2020 edition.



After its past successful editions, the 4th edition of MEF (the Electrical Engineering Fair) – one of the most important industry fairs on a national scale – is back at the Fortezza from 27th to 30th March 2019 in a richer and more articulated format. Continue reading All about Electrical Engineering at the 4th edition of MEF – Fortezza da Basso, March 27-30, 2019


After a successful first edition, Firenze Bio – the event devoted to the organic and biodynamic world (free entrance from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.) – is back at the Fortezza da Basso by popular demand.

Nearly 200 exhibitors are expected to participate, the majority from Tuscany but also from all over Italy. An increasingly emerging event, thanks to a team work which created a community of producers, associations and institutions, co-operating to enhance the work of all those who produce while respecting health and environment. Over 40 meetings will be promoted, among them an opening convention organized by the Region of Tuscany – “Tutela e valorizzazione dell’agrobiodiversità in Toscana” (Protection and Development of Agrobiodiversity). The Gola Giocanda cooking area will feature a rich programme. Among the new features of this second edition, sensorial tastings in cooperation with Wine Lovers Academy.

The Firenze Bio App will guide visitors inside the Spadolini Pavilion. Available for Android and iOS devices, this app will connect to beacons in real time. This way, the physical event will open to the digital world, creating an interactive and powerful experience, tailored for visitors.


Everything is ready for the Winter Edition of the “Festa dell’Unicorno” (Unicorn Celebration) bringing the colourful world of elves, ogres and fantastic creatures to the Fortezza da Basso from 15th to 17th March 2019. “A wonderful opportunity for all the fantasy curious and lovers, who will meet in Florence, inside the premises of the Fortezza da Basso for a special edition of the event. This event follows the direction taken by the local government, aiming at deseasonalizing tourist flows and promoting tourism outside the usual channels”, stated Cecilia del Re, Councillor for the Economic Development, Tourism and Fairs of the Florence Municipality. “This Festival will be full of shows and animations for an audience of all ages, with families and young people coming from all over Italy”, commented the organisers.

Inside the monumental area, visitors will find a space entirely devoted to Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, D&D and to live role playing. There will also be an area dedicated to all Star Wars lovers, a LEGO area, a horror section (only for the bravest ones!), as well as a space devoted to The Walking Dead. Comics and cosplays will be located inside the Ghiaie Pavilion and inside the Palazzina Lorenese.

A special edition of the “Festa dell’Unicorno”, with a three-day schedule full of events which will turn Florence into the Italian capital of creativity and colours of the charming “Planet Fantasy”.


Pitti Filati no.84 – the international reference event in the knitting yarn industry – is open from 23rd to 25th January 2019 at the Fortezza da Basso. During this edition, all spotlights will be on the Spring-Summer 2020 world preview of knitting yarn collections.

Featuring a fresh and dynamic layout under the aegis of ongoing research and experimentation, this Fair presents the knitting yarns excellence on an international scale to an audience composed of top buyers coming from all over the world and designers from the most prestigious fashion houses. The programme will feature many sections and different events – from the Spazio Ricerca (Research Space) theme honouring sports, to Far East and sub-cultures, in addition to an area devoted to knitwear talents with a Fashion Show by the CKD Master organized by Accademia Costume & Moda and Modateca Deanna, and the Knitclub area, highlighting the most qualitative knitwear factories on the lower floor of the central pavilion.

At the same time, the Cavaniglia Pavilion will stage the VINTAGE SELECTION no.33 exhibition, a reference show for vintage clothes, accessories and design objects, once again confirming the close synergy with Pitti Filati and its extremely specialised audience.


Full of charm and exciting contents, the new edition of Pitti Bimbo opens on Thursday, 17th January at the Fortezza da Basso, with 553 childrenswear collections (62% of which coming from abroad) and 152 new brands participating, and – for the first time – a rich programme of free labs and workshops devoted to families. A new and stimulating project of “edutainment”, in partnership with the most important museums of Florence, to unleash children’s talent and creativity.

In co-operation with Bologna Licensing Trade Fair and Bologna Children’s Book Fair, a space will also be devoted to licences linked with cartoons and kids’ entertainment.

But most of all, spotlights will be on HER, the legendary Barbie – an icon, a style and elegance trendsetter, the most desirable fashion doll – celebrating her 60th birthday this year. On 9th March 1959, Mattel launched her at the New York Toy Fair. And during this 88th edition of Pitti Bimbo, this legendary doll, who filled the dreams of several entire generations with her looks suitable for every occasion, will be among the stars thanks to an exhibition retracing the evolution of her outfits and a special partnership with an important Italian brand.

This edition will also give the opportunity to celebrate Hello Kitty, the little big Sanrio star, touching the heart of kids and women and inspiring famous designers and artists. Hello Kitty will star in the new edition of Fashion Comics, a project created by Alessandro Enriquez for Pitti Bimbo.



Everything is ready for the 95th edition of PITTI UOMO, the reference Fair for menswear and contemporary lifestyle on a global scale. From Tuesday, 8th to Friday 11th January 2019, Pitti Uomo will showcase 1,230 brands – 542 of which coming from abroad – at the Fortezza da Basso over a surface of 60,000 square metres. 36,000 visitors are expected to attend this event, among which 9,200 are international buyers. An ever-changing event with an increasingly more precise space geography, reflecting on the one hand an accurate work to define the various sections, and featuring new presentation modes on the other, with displays and set-up projects created to best express new brand mixes, as well as new menswear identities.

This edition will thoroughly focus on the sections basing their research on contemporary menswear, and on the most forward-thinking areas. Projects combining outdoor passion and a fashion attitude, expressing the new essence of an athletic-minded wardrobe, and revealing the creativity of young global artisans. The new generation of talents coming from Northern Europe and the Far East, will be accompanied by a high-end streetstyle and the best of the most cutting-edge design. But let us not forget the core tradition of this Fair, to be found in the central pavilion, inside the Contemporary Classic section – the excellence of the new classic companies, which, once again, will complement contemporary sportswear brands.



The Florence Fair dedicated to household linen, furniture and nautical textile collections is back in style. Firenze Home TexStyle, organised by Firenze Fiera in co-operation with Acropoli Srl from Bologna, will take place at the Fortezza da Basso from 2nd to 4th February 2019 at the same time as the 12th edition of Immagine Italia & Co., a preview of underwear and lingerie collections promoted and organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Pistoia.

This event fills a gap left in these last years – since 2014 – within the Italian fair sector, being entirely devoted to the excellence of the “textile planet”. All the industry sectors will be involved – from household linen to tablecloths, curtains, carpets, textile publications and nautical textiles.

This Fair aims at a new flying start to meet the needs of both the Italian and the international markets, this time with a more human approach, as highlighted by the choice of the Cavaniglia Pavilion. 3,300 square metres of strong allure and charm, featuring the perimeter walls of the 16th-century Medicean monument visible on one side of the building.

A highly fascinating and technological space, available for the exhibiting companies which – starting from Saturday 2nd to Monday, 4th  February – will present the moods of the moment, new styles and the latest trends combined with unusual and original features for visitors – buyers and industry professionals – who are increasingly demanding and looking for new proposals and creative opportunities.   he purpose is to show Italian talents and the artisanship of Italian companies of this sector with all their vitality and expressive range, which, today more than ever, we need to relaunch Italian economy. With the Made in Italy, Italian products are thus not only perceived as excellent and quality products, but also as an emblematic combination of traditional values which are unique in the world. The comparison with foreign countries is however open thanks to the presence of international companies.

The ambition? To bring this major and influential Italian textile fair back to Florence. Carlo Amadori,  sole director of Acropoli, co-operating with Firenze Fiera to plan and market this event, states with certainty: “After having planned no less than 78 events in Italy – from “Abitare il tempo” e Tesori dal tempo” in Verona to the “Salone dell’arte del Restauro” in Ferrara, up to “AbitaMi”, in September 2011, together with Macef and always for Fiera Milano, and after collaborating for HOMI –  I realized just how much we needed a Fair like this one in this sector. The importance of textiles in Italy made me realise that we had to go back to the idea of a single event. Immagine Italia has been operating in this context for 13 years, and this allowed us and Firenze Fiera to turn again to the concept of a single textile fair, extending the underwear/lingerie theme in order to reintegrate the following sectors: household linen, tablecloths, curtains, curtain rods, carpets, textile publications and nautical textiles”.

“This is how Firenze Home TexStyle was born – concludes Amadori – a new great event for home textile which I hope will become a reference for companies, exhibitors and buyers from the textile world.”


The 83rd International Handicrafts Trade Fair was presented in the Sala d’Arme at Palazzo Vecchio on Thursday, 22nd November 2018.

600 exhibitors, many of whom participating for the first time inside an exhibiting area of 55,000 square metres, will meet at a totally transformed Fair, under the aegis of the most excellent artefacts exhibited and no longer lasting 12, but 8 days (April 24 – May 1, 2019).  

“Florence and real craftsmanship have always been closely linked with each other, that is why we are lucky to have professionals capable of producing unique artistic techniques relying on their innovation and creativity. From this year on, Firenze Fiera represents a platform to relaunch the development of beautiful handmade products thanks to this new Fair. We can make this, since we are in Florence – a city which, for its legacy and vocation, will once again be the Italian and international reference point for these arts and crafts”, said Leonardo Bassilichi, President of Firenze Fiera.

“We worked with Firenze Fiera and the world of Florence arts & crafts to relaunch and reposition the International Handicrafts Trade Fair. That is why we decided to present the new edition of the Fair along with the work done so far for Florence’s candidature as UNESCO Creative City for Arts & Crafts”, added Cecilia Del Re, Councillor for Tourism & Economic Development of the Florence Municipality.

The guests of honour will be the best artisan companies of Florence and Tuscany, but also many new features such as enhanced tailor-made productions and live demonstrations, the space given to digital crafts and makers, educational activities and meetings with the protagonists of arts & crafts and design.

Another feature will be the project named “Del mestiere di Leonardo: immaginare, progettare e realizzare il futuro” (Leonardo’s Trade – Imagining, Planning and Making the Future), exploring new development models in parallel with artisans and designers, curated by Fondazione Architetti Firenze and Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci.

The Fair will go beyond the Fortezza and inside the city, with manufactures open to the public, installations and events in squares. The 2019 edition will get even more social, involving bloggers and the same digital artisans, the real protagonists of a new community.

The partnership with destinationflorence.com, the official portal promoting and commercialising the Florence cultural and tourist offer, will allow targeted promotional activities for Italian and international tourists, including tours of the main museums and attractions of the city. Moreover, the Fair will be promoted by sector professionals with timetabled B2B and B2C events.

To guarantee the reinvention and repositioning work for this Fair, a Scientific Committee of sector experts was created. The Committee is formed by: Andrea Aleardi (Director of the Fondazione Michelucci), Jean Blanchaert (applied arts art dealer), Carlo Francini (UNESCO manager for the Municipality of Florence), Elisa Guidi (Director of Artex), Maria Pilar Lebole (Manager of OMA, Osservatorio mestieri d’arte), Alberto Nespoli and Domenico Rocca (interior architects from EligoStudio and ambassadors of the well-made). The Scientific Committee is coordinated by Massimo Torrigiani (curator and founder of Boiler creative agency).