Florence, 22nd June 2020. After last year’s successful edition, VILLA VITTORIA – Summer at the Villa is back from Tuesday, 23rd June (from 7:00 pm on) for a new, exciting summer season in the heart of our city, slowly going back to its normal pace.

The official opening event of Summer 2020 in Florence, directed by Antonio D’Onofrio, will take place as usual inside the charming Firenze Fiera park in compliance with all the safety standards and with a new entertaining mood combining tranquillity and the desire to be together, thanks also to the various open spaces and to the large scenic garden.

This time, its urban garden personality, developed by famous scenographer and artist Fabio Madiai, will boast a Mediterranean style, designed by Instant Love agency from Turin. This year more than ever, Italian flavours and colours will express a strong sense of belonging to our beautiful country.

This new edition will feature plenty of confirmations and new features – FOOD will be available through Movida menu and Street Food stands, while a new exhibiting area will be dedicated to local artisans, enriching the sceneries of these nights with their artistic creations.

Great attention will be paid to safety in compliance with the standards of the new Safe Firenze Fiera protocol (http://www.firenzefiera.it/en/firenze-fiera-sicura/), and to sustainability thanks to the use of eco-friendly materials.

The special agreement with the Fortezza Fiera parking is confirmed.

Opening times: from Tuesday to Saturday: 7:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. – Booking is highly recommended.

Info: www.villavittoriafirenze.com


Florence, 9th June 2020. Set to be held in October 2020, the fourth edition of Didacta Italy Fair – the most important fair for school innovation in Italy – was rescheduled for March 17th to 19th March 2021. Firenze Fiera made this decision together with the Organising Committee of the Fair, made up of the  Italian Ministry of Education, Indire, the Region of Tuscany, the Florence Municipality, the Florence Chamber of Commerce, Unioncamere, Didacta International, ITKAM and Destination Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Initially set to take place from 28th to 30th October 2020, the Fair was postponed based on the needs of the school world, in view of the new academic year and the subsequent resumption of educational activities.

While waiting for the new event, set to be held from 17th to 19th March 2021  always at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, an event will be organised in October to evaluate experiences of remote learning and teaching in Europe, particularly between Italy and Germany.

Over the years, Didacta Italy Fair has become the most important reference event for school innovation, as shown by the past edition, which boasted over 25,000 participants, 700 training events and 16,712 hours of certified training for teachers. This service was made possible thanks to the co-operation of all the institutions and was available for teachers, school managers, administrative and general service directors, educators, trainers, entrepreneurs, companies in the sector and professionals working in the school world in various ways.

We would like to thank all those companies and teachers who, despite these difficult times, had decided to participate in the Fair in October. We look forward to seeing them all in March 2021!



Florence, 4th June 2020. Restarting with even more attractive, functional, and competitive congress and exhibition areas – this is Firenze Fiera’s motto. During the lockdown, the company never really stopped. Taking advantage of all the events rescheduled from September onwards, it carried out a series of restyling and enhancing operations for its venues.

A great example is the Nazioni Pavilion, a multifunctional building covering an area of 2,000 square metres within the Fortezza da Basso. Thanks also to its elevated heights, allowing the set-up of wide sceneries, in these last years it has become the leading pavilion to organise big corporate events on a national and international scale – such as financial meetings, or the amazing Christmas party organised by the Stefano Ricci Florence fashion house – as well as  a privileged location for some major exhibition and event companies such as Pitti Immagine Uomo.

The renovation project is fully consistent and in line with the high quality standards characterising the Florence exhibition centre, featuring a new high-density, industrial concrete flooring with an all-black surface, combining “ethic” long-term investment principles and a touch of contemporary elegance.

Among the highlights of the Nazioni Pavilion, which also features new toilets and a new air conditioning system, the presence of a dedicated gate  – Porta Mugnone – for vehicles such as shuttles and big tour buses, the closeness of its entrance to the  Stazione-Fortezza-Fiera Underground Parking, and the opportunity to benefit from an indoor parking, facing the building.

WATCH THE VIDEO https://youtu.be/3HzERhoBTl4



Florence, 22nd May 2020 – No less than 100,000 visitors attending 74 events are ready to arrive in Florence. These are the estimates by Firenze Fiera concerning MICE events within its premises, once the government gives green light to reopen this sector. More specifically, by December 2020, 50,000 people will be participating in the events organised at the Fortezza da Basso and at Villa Vittoria for 56 congresses and events already booked, and at least 50,000 other visitors are expected to attend fairs and exhibitions such as Pitti Immagine Uomo, rescheduled from 2nd to 4th September, Didacta Italy (28th – 30th  October) and MIDA – the 84th International Artisan Fair, to be held from 16th to 20th December.

The attendance estimated for fairs and congresses will be confirmed if all the anti-Covid safety regulations currently in force will be respected – health check upon access to premises, monitoring of social distancing, automatic check of PPEs (personal protective equipment), cleaning and sanitizing all the areas. But there is more to it: encouraged by institutions, stakeholders and Firenze Fiera, the Destination Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau is setting up a real Covid-free itinerary for visitors participating in congresses and exhibitions, from their arrival in the city to their departure.

«We decided to invest in DFCVB as an enabler to promote the recovery of high-end tourism, and that is why Firenze Fiera has resolved to increase its share capital. The next step will be publishing a calendar of the events in the city featuring the number of visitors expected every week, so that companies can plan their own activities better», said Leonardo Bassilichi, President of Firenze Fiera.

Lastly, the board of directors of Firenze Fiera, whose mandate is about to expire, approved the final balance of 2019 with an output value of 18.9 million Euros, an EBITDA of 1.8 million Euros, and an annual result of 110.000 Euros, which is particularly positive if compared with the business plan, which forecasted a loss of approximately half a million Euros. «Thanks to a network created between the Florence Municipality, the Region of Tuscany and other institutions, we managed to have such figures, thanks also to investments to relaunch the whole sector, among which MIDA – the International Artisan Fair – and without being able to use Palazzo degli Affari, whose renovation works will be completed in 2021. These are all major investments, which, along with the ones expected for the Fortezza, will give the impetus to overcome 2020,  a year inevitably marked by health emergency, but also partially recoverable if the government gives us the opportunity to start again soon», concluded Bassilichi.


Florence, 13th May 2020. While waiting for the Official Protocol including all the Government guidelines to reopen its congress and exhibition centre, Firenze Fiera is gearing up to be ready for the resumption of events.

The basic rules to implement when venues will be reopened have already been prepared – health check, social distancing, use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment, cleaning and sanitizing all the areas. To check safety standards and their related protocols, a Task Force was set up, formed by a  multidisciplinary team of physicians experienced in the field of hygiene and biohazard, lawyers in charge of constantly monitoring the development in standards, and fair representatives experts in the site and event management.

Once emergency will be over, the premises of the Florence congress and exhibition centre will once again be one of the most charming and extraordinary locations in Italy to organise on-site fairs and congresses, offering a completely renovated setting, as well as unique, emotional and high-tech spaces. Meanwhile, Firenze Fiera’s staff rescheduled all the events planned for these months in safety. Many of them have already been moved to the second half of 2020.

Among them, Pitti Immagine Uomo no.98, set to take place from 2nd to 4th September, and Pitti Immagine Bimbo no.90, on schedule from 9th to 10th September, while MIDA – the 84th International Artisan Fair – will take place from 16th to 20th December 2020.

As far as medical-scientific congresses are concerned, new dates were arranged for the 94th SIDEMAST Congress (Italian Society of Dermatology) – from 3rd to 6th November at the Fortezza da Basso. The 19th Gynecological Endocrinology World Congress 2020 will take place in this same venue from 2nd to 5th December 2020.

While waiting for Phase 2, a VIRTUAL MEETING ROOM was set up inside Palazzo dei Congressi. Set to remain operational even after the end of the emergency, it is a real ‘television studio’ connected  to a powerful streaming service, which allows to record and broadcast high quality speakers’ presentations and multimedia contents with professional cameras for an audience of global users remotely connected through laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

New versatile and adaptable high-tech formats are being studied, functional to the new emerging scenarios of the congress and exhibition sector after the pandemic, particularly in the first place, when on-site events will have necessarily to be integrated with the full potential and performances offered by the digital world. Virtual booths are also being experimented, to be associated with the ‘real’ ones, and which will be particularly used in the next months by international buyers and professionals for BTB events and international congresses.

According to the last data provided by FEDERCONGRESSI&EVENTI, the events sector has a direct impact of no less than 36.2 billion euros/year on the Italian GDP and employs 569,000 workers. The national and international events organised in Italy every year are 500,000 in total, with 30 million of participants. Many of these events have a high added value of contents and institutional, scientific and economic relations. The indirect impact of this sector is also crucial, playing a key role to support the internationalisation of Italian companies (fairs), territories and training (congresses).


Florence, 12th May 2020 – The fourth edition of DIDACTA ITALY, the most important fair on Italian school innovation, aimed at teachers, school managers, administrative and general service directors, educators, instructors, professionals and the main industry companies, is set to take place at the Fortezza da Basso from 28th to 30th October 2020.

Supported by a team of experts, the staff of Firenze Fiera is working to organise the fair in safety, designing new and larger spaces according to anti-Covid protocols, including temperature scanners and the distribution of protecting equipment upon access, as well as the use of special apps, such as a special “skip-the-line” app, thanks to which visitors will be able to access venues and halls avoiding gatherings for them and exhibitors while visiting the fair.

This edition will be dedicated to Gianni Rodari (Omegna, 23rd October 1920 – Rome, 14th April 1980), the greatest and most loved 20th-century Italian author of children’s books, celebrating the 100th anniversary of his birth with exhibitions and special events.

Firenze Fiera is organizing a special edition with the scientific support of Indire, developingmore innovative formula compared to past editions to give a new sign of confidence, and relying on the benefits of increasingly smart and digitalized didactics. The staff is also implementing all those tools required for schools to kick start safely again in September, and working on the concept of school not being perceived merely as a transmission of content, but also as a way to develop critical conscience, relations, and empathy. The aim is to regain a collective dimension and promote a concerted effort to slowly and progressively return to normal.

Among the key new features of this edition, 0-6 educational paths and training school managers and DSGAs (Administrative Directors).

In terms of the exhibition, special attention will be given to Mechatronics, Robotics and Green areas for an increasingly sustainable school, introducing virtuous educational models of circular economy, thanks also to the active participation of Legambiente.

More info on: www.fieradidacta.it



Florence hits the target and is awarded the 34th ICAS (International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences) Congress, to be held at Palazzo dei Congressi and Palazzo degli Affari from 9th to 12th September 2024. Around 1,000 representatives from all over the world are expected to attend this event.

This is a major achievement for the Florence meeting industry, joining the long list of international events to be organised within our venues for the next years, and acknowledging the uniqueness of the Florence congress and exhibition citadel, renowned for its centrality, versatility, services, cutting-edge technology and the incomparable charm of its premises.

The congress was awarded thanks to an extraordinary teamwork between Firenze Fiera, Florence Convention Bureau, AIM Group International, the Italian Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIDAA), and local institutions, universities, research institutes and key companies in the sector.



The leading fashion events usually held at Fortezza da Basso are set to be postponed until the first half of September, with Pitti Immagine Uomo no.98 to be held from 2nd to 4th September and Pitti Immagine Bimbo no.90 on schedule from Wednesday 9th to Thursday, 10th September 2020. A clear and strong sign not to give up by gradually getting the whole fashion sector going again. A decision is also set to be made to reposition Pitti Filati no.87, a key international event for the knitting yarn industry.

These editions are going to be special”, says Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine. “Our primary tasks? A complete sanitization of the exhibiting areas and setting up spaces and fittings in order to protect the safety of persons. This experimental set-up could turn out to be useful even on subsequent occasions”.

“Another major innovative feature we are working on – concluded Napoleone – is Pitti Connect. A crucial tool for the promotional and commercial skills of exhibitors, it is a brand new and advanced version of our previous digital platforms, also tailored for the specific needs of the various products and exhibitions. Thanks to its new set of networking functions for buyers and its high-quality editorial structure, it is much more than a complementary tool for the physical fair. It organically integrates it, contributing to define the new face of all the Pitti events”.



Florence, 24th April 2020. Yesterday, the congress world suddenly lost Mario Grotti, who founded Tecnoconference – TC Group in 1983. His company has been co-operating with the Florence Congress & Exhibition Center for many decades, providing state-of-the-art technological services for its main events and national and international congresses.

A pioneer of the Italian meeting industry since the 1960s, he was a major role model in the development and growth of the congress sector since 1975, when the first world congress – the International Cancer Congress – took place in Florence. Hosted at Palazzo dei Congressi, it saw the participation of thousands of delegates coming from all over the world. It was the first modern medical-scientific congress, both for the city and the company, which had to manage new and much more complex services than the traditional ones. Mario Grotti was among the audio-video technicians participating in this event.

Everyone will remember him as a man of deep humanity and professional honesty, and as a cultured entrepreneur, passionate and forward-looking, who ran a leading company competing on increasingly wider market segments, with 1,200 events averagely managed every year.



MIDA 2020, The Florence International Crafts Fair will take place. Not on its usual dates (24 April – 1 May) but just before Christmas, from Wednesday 16 to Sunday 20 December. The decision to postpone the event was made by Firenze Fiera in close consultation with institutions and associations and became necessary due to the recent evolution of the COVID-19 emergency.

The MIDA platform will remain operational through Emporio MIDA, a permanent digital showcase dedicated to our exhibitors and on which we have been working for over six months. Designed to meet the needs of artisans operating on a global scale, this will be a new tool for selling and promoting crafts every day of the year. Emporio MIDA will enable users to discover online all of the artisans’ activities, choose their products with the help of pictures and videos, and talk directly to them. With this project we aim to contribute to the future of crafts, by injecting innovation into the sector.

The latest news and updates on MIDA and Emporio MIDA will be published on our website www.mostrartigianato.it and our Instagram and Facebook channels @mostrartigianato.

The Florence International Crafts Fair (MIDA) welcomes every year in the spaces of Fortezza da Basso artisans and artisanal enterprises of all domains and dimensions, to present to visitors the variety, wealth and quality of a sector that is as hereditary as it is innovative. One of the engines of our economy.

Started off in 1931 as the first arts and crafts trade show in Italy, today MIDA represents both in Tuscany and internationally a reference point for the evolution of the creative system of craftsmanship.