Exceptional maintenance work in progress at the Padiglione delle Nazioni, inside the Fortezza da Basso.

Florence, 6th March 2020 – Firenze Fiera will use the period of break imposed to congresses and exhibitions by Prime Minister’s decree – dated 4th March 2020 – concerning Coronavirus to complete a series of adjustments and exceptional maintenance work planned for the next months, and to make its premises more appealing and functional immediately after the resumption of activities. What is more, starting from this emergency period, a special room to organize virtual meetings has just been set up and is now operational. Thanks to this, remote virtual meetings will be able to reach thousands of participants, and the room will always remain available from now on.

The decision made by Firenze Fiera is also meant to represent a practical application of the direction given by the Council of the Presidents of Trade Associations, which took place at the Florence Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, 5th March 2020. During this Council, companies were encouraged to use this emergency time to better plan their relaunch, once sanitization from Coronavirus will be definitive and confirmed.

In the majority of cases, the break imposed to fairs and congresses does not imply that events will be cancelled, as Firenze Fiera staff is working hard to reschedule them for the next months, and in times when it is believed that the virus emergency will be over.

In the meantime, congresses and meetings can already take place thanks to virtual online meeting technology. A real television studio was set up inside a room of Villa Vittoria, connected to a powerful streaming service, which, thanks to high-quality professional cameras, will allow to record and broadcast speakers’ presentations and multimedia content for an audience of users remotely connected through their computers, tablets or smartphones.

Concerning works, along those for the Fortezza da Basso walls, which started in January, extraordinary maintenance work has also begun at the Padiglione delle Nazioni, with special reference to services and a new flooring.


Following the example of other major Italian cities, Florence launched a video spot – #firenzenonsiferma (#florencedoesnotstop) celebrating the strength and resilience of the Florentines during the coronavirus emergency. A city made of businesses, works of art, culture, history. A city which, like the rest of Italy, does not give up but rises again every day without fear, as documented by the spot images. The spot is being shared on our social networks as an invitation to not let the fear and nightmare of Covid-19 overwhelm us.



Spotlight on PITTI FILATI NO.86, the international reference fair in the knitting yarn sector, taking place at the Fortezza da Basso from 22nd to 24th January 2020. An ever new and inspiring event combining the yarn industry excellence and creativity on an international scale, with a constant focus on research and sustainability. Pitti Filati is the concept lab and platform for trends, inputs and inspirations addressing buyers and designers from the best fashion brands. A world to discover in all its forms, for a complete vision of the main trends concerning the next season novelties.

The heart of the 86th edition will be the Spring/Summer 2021 world preview of knitting yarn collections.

Entirely devoted to sustainability and its multiple aspects, the SUSTAINABLE area is showing a constant increase. It is conceived as a space dominated by timeliness, developing inside and around the Cavedio space, on the lower floor of the Spadolini Pavilion. An opportunity to get to know products and companies meeting the very much essential eco-sustainable criteria.

VINTAGE SELECTION no.35 – the clothes, accessories and vintage design objects show – will take place at the Cavaniglia Pavilion in conjunction with Pitti Filati. The title of this edition, inspired by the Pitti shows, is “Vintage Flagship”, featuring a patchwork flag as a symbol made with the multiple colours and patterns that make up garments. A surprising shopping and entertaining experience, involving exhibitors and visitors.



We regret to inform our customers, suppliers, employees and collaborators that a malware attack on the information systems of Firenze Fiera has occurred in recent days. This particularly complex attack is making our IT services temporarily unavailable, including IT services processing personal data of our customers, suppliers, employees and collaborators.

The eradication of the malware is currently in progress and the normal functions of our information systems are being restored.

As of today, there is no evidence of loss of integrity and confidentiality personal data processed through our information systems.

Following this malware attack, our company has put in place all the initiatives aimed at securing its technological infrastructure in order to prevent the reiteration of similar situations, also notifying the data breach to the Italian Data Protection Authority.


To contact our offices:

call +39 055 49721

email to: commercialecongressi@gmail.com





The 20th Congress of the Italian Hospital Pulmonologists Association (Aipo) will take place at the Fortezza da Basso from 13th to 16th November 2019. Four non-stop days for an exhaustive update on new therapies and treatments to deal with diseases of the respiratory system, which represent the third cause of death after cardiovascular disease and cancer. Actually, their impact is increasingly growing, also because of factors such as smoke, air pollution and a progressive ageing of the population.

“Italian pulmonology is strong and has to confront itself with the rest of the world. We have to take into consideration progress and the new frontiers introduced by globalisation”, says Venerino Poletti, President of Aipo and of the congress. “This is why the congress will see the participation of international speakers, who will offer the perspective of the other organisations we have to discuss with”.

“Respiratory diseases have a substantial impact on people’s life quality. That is why patients should have access to all treatments which can keep them under control”, commented Albino Sini, member of the Italian Non-Profit Association of COPD Patients, adding: “Our purpose is to inform citizens, patients and family members, encouraging all social and health measures which can improve patients care, as well as adopting all measures aimed at an efficient prevention action. However, it will be a long and difficult process”.


Children’s Health at the 24th “Penguins” Convention, The National Paediatrics Congress  to be held at Palazzo dei Congressi from 15th to 16th November 2019.

Several themes will be discussed with the participation of important specialists coming from all over Italy – from celiac disease to asthma, from phytotherapy to learning, from ophthalmology to gastrointestinal disorders in babies and the role of special food, and from vaccination to nephrology and dermatology.


The Florence Tattoo Convention is back at the Fortezza da Basso. This annual event in Florence is long awaited by young and old, by people with or without tattoos – all of them being attracted by what has now become a full form of art. This event was born in 2008 thanks to an idea of Giacomo Del Sala, Lorenzo Provvedi and Luca Lazzerini, experts in tattoos and piercings and willing to create a great event in complete safety. Since the very beginning, their aim was to convey the importance of health and hygiene rules in the tattoo and piercing field, promoting the historic and artistic culture of tattoos and enhancing tattoo artists’ work by creating and maintaining contacts.

Many tattooists will participate in this convention. Among them, many Italians, but also other professionals coming from Europe and the rest of the world. Visitors will therefore discover numerous and different tattoo art techniques, including not only the traditional tattoo machines, but also some more unusual tools such as sticks. Tattoo artists using this technique include Ajarn Matthieu, Akarn Rung, Alex Ciliegia, Colin Dale, Durga Tattoo, El.Dot, Elle Mana-Festin, Jaz, Jona Tatuaggi Lauretani, Just Sofie, Kila, Kensho II, Leticia La Bruja, Nativos da Terra, Piki Tattoo, Proste, Ryugen, Samuel Olman, Sean Vasquez. Piercers include Antarctic Body Piercing, Diego Hmt, Doc Fuser, G-Tano Piercer, Mr. Canale, Patriciapiercing, Stefano Panzera.

In addition to getting a tattoo done, visitors will also have the opportunity to take a closer look at the protagonists of this sector. Like every year, this event features meetings, music concerts, exhibitions and spectacular performances.


The AIS Congress (Attualità in Senologia – Latest News on Breast Pathologies) will take place at Palazzo dei Congressi from 6th to 8th November 2019, with the participation of over 1,000 representatives coming from all over Italy. This event is an unmissable appointment for breast disease specialists, as well as a meeting point for all those involved in the growth path of Italian breast disease treatment centres.
The congress presents itself as a moment of discussion and reflection to offer women high-quality cure and diagnostic standards in breast centres all over Italy and to give the opportunity to insiders to discuss the latest news in the diagnostic and clinical field and on topics which are still disputed.

The programme features courses for radiologists, nurses, medical radiological technicians, as well as sponsored poster sessions, symposia and readings.

The next AIS congress will take place at Palazzo dei Congressi from 17th to 19th November 2020.



TUTTO SPOSI, the greatest Wedding Fair in North-Central Italy, is back at the Fortezza da Basso. For 25 years, this Fair has been a privileged showcase for the sector companies, as well as an unmissable event for all the couples who are planning to get married.

Over 100 exhibitors of the wedding sector from all over Tuscany will be participating in the event – ateliers of wedding dresses and suits, travel agencies, flower decorations, jewellery, catering and reception services, cake shops, restaurants, farmhouses, car rental, printers, wedding planners, musicians and music agencies.

The Fair will feature fashion shows curated by the main ateliers, a beauty contest – “Un volto da modella” (A Model Face) – to choose the face for the next edition of the event, a competition dedicated to young emerging fashion designers, and two prize contests for future spouses. The first one will reward the most original wedding proposal with a 5-hour customised photo shoot. The winner of the second contest, called “Insieme io e te funzioniamo perché…” (Our relationship works because…) will have to express the most beautiful and unique reason why a couple works in just one sentence and will be awarded a wedding dress.


FLORENCE CREATIVITY, a successful annual event dedicated to hobbies, DIY and applied arts, is back featuring a selection of leading exhibitors in this sector. The various proposals will be backed by a rich programme of courses and demonstrations, much to the delight of the numerous Fair visitors.

Visitors will be able to learn, investigate and often rediscover their own creativity and manual skills under the aegis of fantasy, attending workshops organised by the exhibitors during the three days of the event.

An increasingly dynamic and appealing event, offering visitors all the knowledge and the expertise of sector professionals – a great showcase where you can find and buy the most innovative and sought after materials: textiles, yarn, creative sewing, home decor, jewellery, scrapbooking, shabby, patchwork, embroidery and much more.