Everything is ready for PITTI UOMO no.92, the most famous menswear fair featuring the most beautiful Spring-Summer 2018 fashion collections, opening at the Fortezza da Basso from 13th to 16th June 2016. This year, the Fair will benefit from a special contribution by MISE (Italian Ministry of Economic Development) and ICE (Italian Trade Agency) coming from a related 2015-2017 Three-Year Plan, and will be under the aegis of research by redesigning the itinerary of its exhibiting sections, among big names and contemporary projects. Among the new features highlighted, the section called MAKE, for the first time on show in the Sala della Ronda, while the agender collection and the strength of luxury underground brands in the UNCONVENTIONAL section double their exhibiting surface, extending it to both the Archivi areas. TOUCH moves to the Medici Pavilion, while the most evolved expressions of menswear in FUTURO MASCHILE also grow bigger covering also the Arena Strozzi. Once again, the Central Pavilion proves to be the heart of the Fair, offering the new classic best brands and those expressing sportswear modernity. BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS will be the main theme of the summer Fairs of Pitti Immagine, meant as a vital energy – macroscopic flowers will peacefully invade the Medicean fortress, blooming in artistic creations and digital icons, and creating a special atmosphere where new ideas blossom.


FIRENZE FIERA, crown jewel in the Tuscan fair & exhibition business with over 2 million visitors and a portfolio of 661 events for an overall surface of 100,000 square metres, will also take part into the celebrations for the second International Fairs & Exhibition Day, organised in Rome on the 7th June 2017 by AEFI (Associazione Esposizioni e Fiere Italiane- Association of Italian Fairs & Exhibitions) and ICE (Agenzia per la promozione all’estero e l’internazionalizzazione delle imprese italiane – Agency for the Promotion Abroad & the Internationalization of Italian Businesses).

This event, an important international appointment to enhance Italian fair as a tool for financial and occupational growth, will be called Le eccellenze italiane si aprono al mondo (Italy’s Best Businesses Open to the World), will be articulated into various moments and will see the participation of Italian fair representatives and of international spokespersons.

On schedule in the afternoon, the meeting Think Global, Act Local: il valore delle Fiere Italiane (The Value of Italian Fairs), where the main Italian regions will be introduced to international sector professionals and to the general public. Within this context, FIRENZE FIERA will be presented not just for the uniqueness of its venues – a Renaissance fortress (the Fortezza da Basso), a 19th-century villa (Palazzo dei Congressi) and a modern building (Palazzo degli Affari) – but also for the value of its fairs and exhibitions, among which the International Handicrafts Trade Fair and the  Didacta Italia Fair (Fortezza da Basso, September 27-29 2017) organized directly, and as a strategic asset for the economy of Florence and Tuscany.



After Seville, Florence. The GEST EUROPE MEETING 2017 is set to take place at Palazzo dei Congressi and Palazzo degli Affari from 31st May to 3rd June. The event will see the participation of 1,000 specialists coming from all over Europe. This is one of the most important international congresses on embolotherapy, a discipline which has been recently experiencing a tremendous growth, including many new clinical applications.

The programme of this event was meticulously planned – next to plenary and side sessions, the it will also feature practical laboratories, in addition to a series of case-based clinical discussions.



Over 800 Transfusion Medicine specialists coming from all over Italy will meet at Palazzo dei Congressi and at Palazzo degli Affari from 25th to 27th May 2017 for the 5th National SIMITI Conference (Italian Society of Transfusion Medicine & Immunohaematology) to discuss the hottest topics concerning “Blood System “ – blood and blood components safety, new molecular methods to determine blood types, pre-transfusion investigations, the best selection of voluntary blood donors, organizing blood preparation, and issues related to the safe transport of donated blood.

This event – says Beatrice Lorenzin, Italian Health Minister – is a significant opportunity to meet and discuss these topics, thanks to which we will be able to highlight the operational and organising details of the skills and expertise of Transfusion Medicine”.

“In these last months, we are facing a drop in blood donation – states Pierluigi Berti, President of SIMTI. We can react adequately to this phenomenon only by making the transfusion network stronger and by involving and promoting Transfusion Medicine professionals. In Florence, we will also introduce the new Transfusion Medicine Standards, the best tool to improve and increase this system, aligned with the most recent European quality recommendations”.


Everyone is waiting for Showlight 2017, on schedule at Palazzo dei Congressi from 20th to 23rd May 2017, one of the most important international events for lighting professionals of all sectors – television, cinema, theatre, architecture and events. Around 400 sector professionals are expected to attend this event, including producers, distributors, workers and lighting users.

The conference programme of Showlight traditionally includes various debates, and this year’s edition is no exception. Bernie Davis, famous TV lighting designer, will chair a panel focusing on programming. Programmers such as Stuart Porter, Brad Schiller and Ross Williams will explore the ever-changing panorama of their profession, reflecting on the various aspects of work as compared to the various types of lighting required, sharing their professional path and assuming their future.

All the participants will benefit from the same amount of exhibiting space, regardless of the actual size of their businesses. During the congress sessions, the exhibiting part will “close” in order to give exhibitors the opportunity not to miss a single intervention and to take part into the subsequent debate. During the morning and afternoon coffee breaks and during lunch, when the exhibiting area will be “open”, representatives will be able to talk to producers.

With its tight schedule of meetings to promote networking, Showlight 2017 represents a unique and unmissable event in the agenda of every illumination design professional.



A special and dynamic edition under the aegis of pop will welcome visitors at the Fortezza da Basso from 22nd April to 1st May for the 81st International Handicrafts Trade Fair the first certified handicrafts fair in Italy, organized by Firenze Fiera in co-operation with the main institutions and industry associations. Continue reading The 81st Edition of the International Handicrafts Trade Fair – April 22 – May 1, 2017


4,200 delegates are expected to participate in the 25th European Congress of Psychiatry, set to take place at the Fortezza da Basso from 1st to 4th April 2017. This event, organised by the European Psychiatric Association (EPA) – the biggest association in this field, founded in 1983 and based in Strasbourg – represents psychiatry in Europe, with over 7,800 active members throughout the whole continent, and focuses on care improvement and on professional excellence growth.
The association operates at a European level, cooperating with other important sector organizations, such as the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP), the European Brain Council (EBC) and the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS).

This event will encourage learning, discussion and exchange between European and Non-European psychiatrists and between the leaders of the organisations of the parties interested in the mental health area. Led by the motto “Together for Mental Health”, special attention will be given to a dialogue between neuroscience and social sciences, overcoming the traditional separation between biology and human relations, which misled this profession and the public opinion for too many years.



1,700 among cardiologists and insiders will gather at Palazzo dei Congressi from 24th to 26th March 2017 for the 35th Congress of Cardiology “Conoscere e curare il cuore 2017” (Prevent and Treat Your Heart 2017) – the most important national congress on problems linked with diagnosis and therapy in cardiology. This event, deliberately privileging the clinical-practical aspects rather than theoretical research, is promoted and organized by the Centro per la Lotta contro l’Infarto (Heart Attack Centre), a non-profit organisation born in 1982, bringing together citizens and medical specialists to promote health education and medical culture in Italy, in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases, particularly myocardial infarction, the most common cause of death in Western countries.

“This congress – says Prof. Francesco Prati, President of the Centro per la Lotta contro l’Infarto – is our Foundation’s yearly cultural tribute to Italian cardiologists.”



Nearly 50 million people suffer from dementia diseases. For a full update on clinical and experimental research within the scope of this pathology, the 22nd congress of SINDEM –(Independent Association member of SIN – the Italian Society of Neurology – for Dementias) –will take place at Palazzo dei Congressi from 16th to 18th March 2017 within the events for the Settimana del Cervello (Brain Week). Continue reading Focus on Dementias at the SINDEM Congress – Palazzo dei Congressi, March 16-18, 2017


Over 300 plastic and cosmetic surgeons will meet at Palazzo dei Congressi from 17th to 19th March 2017 to discuss and clarify plastic surgery achievements. The best Italian specialists will participate, along with 5 international super-guests: Daniel Baker and Steve Cohen from the U.S., Per Heden from Sweden, Bryan Mendelson from Australia and Raul Gonzalez from Brazil.

New-generation breast implants, fat-dissolving injections and techniques to make people 10 years younger without using any scalpel in a single session – some of them are real novelties, implying the use of revolutionary techniques or innovative materials, while others are alleged novelties, still requiring time to test their safety and efficiency. The plastic & cosmetic surgeons of AICPE – the Italian association of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery – will bring some order to the jungle of cosmetic treatments during the 5th National Congress named “Cosmetic Surgery”, taking place from 17th to 19th March 2017.

“We are submerged with information on revolutionary techniques allowing to obtain fantastic results in a short time, and without any effort – says Eugenio Gandolfi, President of AICPE -. Surely, in these last years, cosmetic surgery and medicine have made giant steps ahead, making it possible to obtain achievements which would have seemed impossible until recently, with less invasive techniques and faster recovery times. But this is also a sector in which there aren’t any clearly defined rules and improvised professionals abound, merely interested in their own profits, rather than in the safety of patients and the naturalness of results.”

Established in 2011, AICPE (www.aicpe.org) groups over 300 specialists devoting themselves mainly to plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes. To access the association, you have to go through a strict selection. By contacting AICPE members, patients know they can choose among selected professional practitioners.

The annual Florence congress offers the opportunity to discuss and take stock of the situation on techniques, tools and materials which actually work, and on those who, instead, do not give satisfactory results. Over 300 participants are expected to attend this event – in addition to important Italian plastic surgeons, some of the most renowned international specialist will also take part in the discussion, among them Daniel Baker and Steve Cohen from the U.S., Per Heden from Sweden, Bryan Mendelson from Australia and Raul Gonzalez from Brazil.