Nearly 50 million people suffer from dementia diseases. For a full update on clinical and experimental research within the scope of this pathology, the 22nd congress of SINDEM –(Independent Association member of SIN – the Italian Society of Neurology – for Dementias) –will take place at Palazzo dei Congressi from 16th to 18th March 2017 within the events for the Settimana del Cervello (Brain Week). Continue reading Focus on Dementias at the SINDEM Congress – Palazzo dei Congressi, March 16-18, 2017


Over 300 plastic and cosmetic surgeons will meet at Palazzo dei Congressi from 17th to 19th March 2017 to discuss and clarify plastic surgery achievements. The best Italian specialists will participate, along with 5 international super-guests: Daniel Baker and Steve Cohen from the U.S., Per Heden from Sweden, Bryan Mendelson from Australia and Raul Gonzalez from Brazil.

New-generation breast implants, fat-dissolving injections and techniques to make people 10 years younger without using any scalpel in a single session – some of them are real novelties, implying the use of revolutionary techniques or innovative materials, while others are alleged novelties, still requiring time to test their safety and efficiency. The plastic & cosmetic surgeons of AICPE – the Italian association of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery – will bring some order to the jungle of cosmetic treatments during the 5th National Congress named “Cosmetic Surgery”, taking place from 17th to 19th March 2017.

“We are submerged with information on revolutionary techniques allowing to obtain fantastic results in a short time, and without any effort – says Eugenio Gandolfi, President of AICPE -. Surely, in these last years, cosmetic surgery and medicine have made giant steps ahead, making it possible to obtain achievements which would have seemed impossible until recently, with less invasive techniques and faster recovery times. But this is also a sector in which there aren’t any clearly defined rules and improvised professionals abound, merely interested in their own profits, rather than in the safety of patients and the naturalness of results.”

Established in 2011, AICPE (www.aicpe.org) groups over 300 specialists devoting themselves mainly to plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes. To access the association, you have to go through a strict selection. By contacting AICPE members, patients know they can choose among selected professional practitioners.

The annual Florence congress offers the opportunity to discuss and take stock of the situation on techniques, tools and materials which actually work, and on those who, instead, do not give satisfactory results. Over 300 participants are expected to attend this event – in addition to important Italian plastic surgeons, some of the most renowned international specialist will also take part in the discussion, among them Daniel Baker and Steve Cohen from the U.S., Per Heden from Sweden, Bryan Mendelson from Australia and Raul Gonzalez from Brazil.



Scientists and researchers from all over the world met from 7th to 11th March at the Palacongressi & Palaffari to pool their own experience and sum up the connections between smoke and health. The congress was organized by SRNT – the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco – with members in over 40 countries in the world. “We are extremely satisfied with the results achieved – explained Bruce Wheeler, Executive Director of SRNT – both from a scientific point of view for the topics discussed, and for the positive feedback of participants coming to Florence from over 25 countries – Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, United States and Canada. They were all incredibly happy to find themselves in a beautiful congress center, just a few steps away from the historical highlights of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and assisted by a highly professional staff who, along with the quality of Tuscan cuisine, made our experience even more unique and unforgettable.”

Topics discussed included various aspects linked with tobacco consumption, ranging from the consequences on health up to relevant laws, as well as electronic cigarettes and the interaction between nicotine and other psychoactive substances.

Watch the interview with Dr. Bruce Wheeler


3,600 participants from 230 schools -a new record of entries. 500 more than the previous edition. An unstoppable phenomenon, which has grown year on year.

“It takes just a second, Sir, now that the train has whistled…”. This is the end of the famous short story “The Train Has Whistled” by Luigi Pirandello, lending its title to the 16th edition of the Colloqui Fiorentini. And this train, taking Belluca – the main character of the story – on a journey that frees him from a bitter and suffocating life, will be caught by all those participating in the Florence convention. Trains, but also coaches, planes, from Lombardy, Sardinia, Sicily, and even the earthquake-hit Abruzzo. Teachers and students will come to Florence by any means of transport and from every region of Italy to experience this three-day event devoted to school. Because Pirandello is simply irresistible and his words, his books provocatively encourage to live life. Pirandello still captures the hearts and minds of Italian sensitive teachers and students, ready to move and to burn with passion for knowledge and with the urge to find a meaning behind everything.

There is a beyond in everything. You do not wish or do not know how to see it. But the moment this something more gleams in the eyes of an idle person like myself, who has set himself to observe you, why, you become puzzled, disturbed or irritated.” Pirandello makes you feel uncomfortable, Pirandello fascinates and irritates, Pirandello breaks the mould. The youth love him for this urge to know more about the existence, and for not being satisfied with what they already know: “There is a beyond in everything …” 

For sixteen years, the Colloqui Fiorentini event has been giving the opportunity to ask this kind of questions fearlessly within the scope of Italian schools. Here, students are free to discover themselves and the world, in perfect harmony with life and culture, between a thirst of culture and the urge to know more. And for many teachers (500 for this edition) this has become an unmissable event, a real professional training and updating opportunity.

This convention is actively supported by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, which acknowledged its significance concerning school and educational innovation and has therefore promoted it in all Italian schools, by inserting it in the Experience List of Excellence Promotion.



The Convention named “Tossicodipendenza, psicoterapia e Processo Anevrotico Terapeutico” (Drug Dependence, Psychotherapy & Un-neurotic Therapy Procedure) will take place at the Fortezza da Basso (Sala della Scherma) on Wednesday, 1st March 2017 from 9.30 a.m. on, and will be open to the public. Students from some Florence schools will also take part into this event, among them those from the Galileo Galilei State Institute and the Buontalenti Professional Institute. Continue reading The Convention on Drug Dependence, Psychotherapy & Un-Neurotic Therapy Procedure – Fortezza da Basso, March 1, 2017


The most highly-anticipated event for all the archaeologists, sector professionals and ancient art lovers, TourismA 2017 – the International Archaeology Exhibition organised by Archeologia Viva (Giunti Editore) in cooperation with Firenze Fiera – will be held at the Palacongressi from Friday, 17th to Sunday 19th, 2017. “Despite these times of crisis – says Piero Pruneti, director of the event – TourismA is rapidly expanding. Thanks also to the cooperation of Firenze Fiera, we created the most important European event devoted to the promotion of cultural and environmental heritage.”

Some new features of this event will take your breath away, among them the spectacular 1:1 scale reconstruction of Tutankhamun’s tomb within a project highlighting Egypt as the protagonist with the convention Omaggio a Tutankhamon (A Tribute to Tutankhamun). The convention will take place at the Auditorium on Friday, February 17th, seeing the participation of internationally renowned Egyptologists, such as Zahi Hawass, the famous Egyptian archaeologist with “Ultime notizie dalla tomba del faraone bambino” (Latest news from the tomb of a Child Pharaoh).

Among the exhibitors, the National Tourist Board of Cyprus, the National Tourist Board of Jordan, Algeria with its Unitour Tour Operator and Croatia, I Viaggi di Maurizio Levi, the Rallo Travel Agency, specialized in cultural trips to Egypt – which has been organizing the trips of Archeologia Viva for 28 years. Italy will be represented by many museums and institutions from Florence, Sardinia, Veneto – with the Ligabue Foundation in Venice, Friuli Venezia Giulia with the Aquileia Foundation, Emilia Romagna with the RavennAntica Foundation, and Campania with the National Museum of Naples. Sicily will participate with its Archaeological Park of the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento, the Tourist District of the Monti Iblei in Ragusa and the Resort Hotel Punta Spalmatore in Ustica.

Among the unmissable events, a great convention devoted to the Lombards, the shocking findings on sacrifices made by the Etruscans, the battle of the Teutoburg Forest with Valerio M.ManfrediMonna Lisa with Alberto Angela, Dante’s Middle Ages with Franco Cardini, the Pompei excavations with Massimo Osanna, and the masterpieces of archaeological cinema. All this will be complemented by exhibiting booths, experimental archaeology and an exhaustive programme for educational workshops.

Check out the full programme on: www.tourisma.it



Created and organised by Fbs Eventi, the first edition of the “Firenze Libro Aperto“ book festival will open at the Fortezza da Basso next Friday. The exhibition slogan – “Le parole non bastano più” (Words are no longer enough) – marks the main topic of this event, which sees the participation of around one hundred publishing houses, with special attention devoted to the independent and emerging ones and kids and children’s literature, with some events also dedicated to parents and to sector professionals.

Next to the exhibiting section, the festival will also feature exhibitions, concerts and workshops. The main attractions of the festival will be the meetings with famous writers and authors: Joe R.Landsale, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Diego De Silva, Carlo Lucarelli, Marco Vichi, Andrea De Carlo and Federico Palmaroli. Matteo Salvini – leader of the Lega Nord political party – is also expected to the attend the event on Friday, February 17, at 11.00 a.m., after the opening ceremony.

Among the various initiatives, make sure you do not miss the one featuring Italian singer and writer Vinicio Capossela on Saturday 18th February at 6.00 p.m. Capossela will start his Italian theatre tour on 27th February, and on this occasion he will offer a tribute to Amedeo Modigliani, the heartbreaking ballad dedicated to the love story of the famous painter from Leghorn, which he wrote in 1991. Sunday at 4.00 p.m., Serena Dandini will present her book “Avremo sempre Parigi. Passeggiate sentimentali in disordine alfabetico”. Among the various sections of the festival, there will also be an area devoted to book illustrators and comic book artists curated by the International School of Comics.

Check out the full programme on: su www.firenzelibroaperto.it



Spotlight on the Fortezza da Basso from 11th to 13th 2017 for Immagine Italia & Co. 2017, the most important Fair to preview underwear collections. Having now reached its 10th edition, this Fair is promoted and organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Pistoia, with the participation of 240 among the most prestigious industry brands. 70% of exhibitors come from Italy, while the remaining 30% come from abroad – France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia, Latvia, The Netherlands and South Korea. The event will host around 180 buyers coming from Italy and from 17 other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain and Portugal.

This charming and interesting Fair was initially launched as a platform to combine house linen and underwear -lingerie, and has now become the only event in Italy for this sector, which, over the years, has seen the presence of over 3,400 brands and over 90,000 visitors.

Immagine Italia & Co. is surely an annual event not to be missed for all the Italian and international underwear professionals, who have exclusive access to the Fair. As usual, the spotlight will be on the daily “fashion appointment” with collective and individual fashion shows.  The catwalks will feature underwear items and accessories perfectly reflecting the latest fashion trends.

The event is also increasingly attracting the participation of mass media, bloggers and Instagramers, who see Immagine Italia & Co. as a trend-setter for all the must-haves of the Autumn-Winter collection of the following year. The partnership with Cristina Lodi from http://www.2fashionsisters.com/ – official blogger of Immagine Italia & Co since 2015 – has just been confirmed.

Immagine Italia & Co. features rational, elegant and spacious concept which made it famous as the “Fair Lounge” – an ideal place to meet the best proposals while optimizing time and business opportunities.

The “green” accent given by ornamental plants is once again signed by the Distretto Rurale Vivastico Ornamentale in Pistoia, in cooperation with the Associazione Vivaisti Italiani (Italian Association of Nursery Farmers).



200 Tuscan companies and 200 international buyers. These are the input figures for Buy Wine no.7, on schedule at the Fortezza da Basso on 10th and 11th February 2017. Promoted and organized by the Region of Tuscany and PromoFirenze, this event represents an exciting opportunity for wine importers from all over the world who are interested in Tuscan products. During the 2016 edition, over 230 buyers came from 34 countries to meet the 201 Tuscan wine companies participating in the Fair, for a total of 5,628 meetings. Buyers expressed all their appreciation in their final evaluations, with 86% of positive ratings, thus confirming the excellent offer presented by our producers. Once again, Buy Wine will be linked with Anteprime di Toscana – Tuscan Previews – events during which the Consorzi di Tutela (Supervisory Consortiums) will showcase their new vintages, taking journalists and operators on a journey through their territories.



After the scientific success and the participation of the previous editions, the fifth edition of the Convention of the magazine ‘Psicologia e Scuola’ (School & Psychology) – published by Giunti Scuola – aims at showing the latest results of psychological research and studies related to education psychology including its implications in the school world. Once again, this fifth edition will see the analysis of the classical learning features such as motivations and individualised educational needs, but it will also focus carefully on problems which received particular attention and which saw the birth of original research contributions, such as socialization phenomena, new technology implications, integrative forms of education and the role of assessment systems. Within the convention, emphasis will be put not only on the idea of pupils growing up and learning, but also on educational institutions, on teachers and on the family role. The Congress formula will be the same one applied and appreciated in the previous versions, with its plenary sessions, symposia, side sessions and workshops.

Plenary sessions will see the intervention of famous Italian and international experts. Among them, Sergio Della Sala, renowned for his critical analysis on the role of neuroscience, Giacomo Rizzolatti, who will discuss the educational implications of the discovery of mirror neurons, Paolo Legrenzi, dealing with cognitive science and promoting reasoning abilities, and last but not least, Francesco Tonucci, who encouraged schools to open up to the world in an innovative way, and who will be awarded a Career prize. During workshops, specialists will show how to set up operational events inspired by a psychological research within the school context.