The 5th Convention “In classe ho un bambino che …” (In my class, there’s a student who…) – February 10


After the scientific success and the participation of the previous editions, the fifth edition of the Convention of the magazine ‘Psicologia e Scuola’ (School & Psychology) – published by Giunti Scuola – aims at showing the latest results of psychological research and studies related to education psychology including its implications in the school world. Once again, this fifth edition will see the analysis of the classical learning features such as motivations and individualised educational needs, but it will also focus carefully on problems which received particular attention and which saw the birth of original research contributions, such as socialization phenomena, new technology implications, integrative forms of education and the role of assessment systems. Within the convention, emphasis will be put not only on the idea of pupils growing up and learning, but also on educational institutions, on teachers and on the family role. The Congress formula will be the same one applied and appreciated in the previous versions, with its plenary sessions, symposia, side sessions and workshops.

Plenary sessions will see the intervention of famous Italian and international experts. Among them, Sergio Della Sala, renowned for his critical analysis on the role of neuroscience, Giacomo Rizzolatti, who will discuss the educational implications of the discovery of mirror neurons, Paolo Legrenzi, dealing with cognitive science and promoting reasoning abilities, and last but not least, Francesco Tonucci, who encouraged schools to open up to the world in an innovative way, and who will be awarded a Career prize. During workshops, specialists will show how to set up operational events inspired by a psychological research within the school context.