Weekend at the Fortezza under the Aegis of Tattoos with the Florence Tattoo Convention – November 8-10, 2019


The Florence Tattoo Convention is back at the Fortezza da Basso. This annual event in Florence is long awaited by young and old, by people with or without tattoos – all of them being attracted by what has now become a full form of art. This event was born in 2008 thanks to an idea of Giacomo Del Sala, Lorenzo Provvedi and Luca Lazzerini, experts in tattoos and piercings and willing to create a great event in complete safety. Since the very beginning, their aim was to convey the importance of health and hygiene rules in the tattoo and piercing field, promoting the historic and artistic culture of tattoos and enhancing tattoo artists’ work by creating and maintaining contacts.

Many tattooists will participate in this convention. Among them, many Italians, but also other professionals coming from Europe and the rest of the world. Visitors will therefore discover numerous and different tattoo art techniques, including not only the traditional tattoo machines, but also some more unusual tools such as sticks. Tattoo artists using this technique include Ajarn Matthieu, Akarn Rung, Alex Ciliegia, Colin Dale, Durga Tattoo, El.Dot, Elle Mana-Festin, Jaz, Jona Tatuaggi Lauretani, Just Sofie, Kila, Kensho II, Leticia La Bruja, Nativos da Terra, Piki Tattoo, Proste, Ryugen, Samuel Olman, Sean Vasquez. Piercers include Antarctic Body Piercing, Diego Hmt, Doc Fuser, G-Tano Piercer, Mr. Canale, Patriciapiercing, Stefano Panzera.

In addition to getting a tattoo done, visitors will also have the opportunity to take a closer look at the protagonists of this sector. Like every year, this event features meetings, music concerts, exhibitions and spectacular performances.