Firenze Fiera at the Italian Auschwitz Memorial Study Day


Firenze 3rd July 2019. The “Italian Auschwitz Memorial Study Day: Research and Renovation for the New Layout in Florence” took place today at the Auditorium of the Fondazione CR Firenze, promoted by CR Firenze and the Opificio delle Pietre Dure.

Since 8th May 2019, this work has been open to the public in its new and final collocation, located inside the renovated premises which hosted EX3. It was the final stage of a long and complex story from a political, diplomatic and conservative point of view, which started in the 1990s, when the Polish government and the Camp Museum Management expressed a progressive poor appreciation of an installation which, paradoxically, was considered not pedagogical enough in its shape and contents. In 2011, the memorial was closed and subsequently neglected, until it eventually reached a stage of necessary reappropriation.

This rebirth was possible thanks to the contribution of many institutional and public subjects such as MIBAC, the National Association of Former Deportees in Nazi camps (owner of the work), the Region of Tuscany, the Florence Municipality and Firenze Fiera which, for a whole year, in conjunction with the Florence Municipality, offered for free his spacious halls in via Perfetti Ricasoli to allow the 23 paintings constituting the work to be restored.

“We were honoured to play our part to complete the greatest restoration ever made on a contemporary work of art in the world”, commented Tamara Ermini, Councillor of Firenze Fiera, who also underlined the ethic and social aspects of this operation, which should raise more awareness on the new civil and educational course of history and of personal and collective memory.