The 83rd International Handicrafts Trade Fair Launches New Website


The 83rd International Handicrafts Trade Fair, to be held at the Fortezza da Basso from 24th April to 1st May 2019, sheds its skin and launches its new web platform, with a brand-new graphic layout. The new Fair website is online, more intuitive and user-friendly and boasting a clearer, more exhaustive content presentation, along with a faster navigation.

The graphic and structural restyling of mostraartigianato.it is the first step towards an edition announcing the reinvention of the first Italian “Consumer Fair” devoted to handmade products. It features new sections, a richer and selected product offer, new exhibiting facilities, new fitting-out options and a rich agenda of events at the Fortezza and in the city.

The website features a clearer and direct organisation of exhibiting areas, product and service offer. The same homepage shows an interactive map, updated in real time, with a list of exhibitors and a map with the booth allocation.

The website also allows an easier and quicker access for exhibitors and visitors, with a link to register and buy entrance tickets in a just a few quick steps.

Focus on special events and on photo and video galleries, in order to experience the most significant moments of the Fair live, and on social profiles, with the opportunity to share contents with other users. The News section will be constantly updated with interviews and insights.

And finally, a brand-new feature this year – the mobile experience, allowing everyone to access the website via their own devices.