The Nazioni Pavilion Restyled – A Privileged Location for Big Corporate Events


Florence, 4th June 2020. Restarting with even more attractive, functional, and competitive congress and exhibition areas – this is Firenze Fiera’s motto. During the lockdown, the company never really stopped. Taking advantage of all the events rescheduled from September onwards, it carried out a series of restyling and enhancing operations for its venues.

A great example is the Nazioni Pavilion, a multifunctional building covering an area of 2,000 square metres within the Fortezza da Basso. Thanks also to its elevated heights, allowing the set-up of wide sceneries, in these last years it has become the leading pavilion to organise big corporate events on a national and international scale – such as financial meetings, or the amazing Christmas party organised by the Stefano Ricci Florence fashion house – as well as  a privileged location for some major exhibition and event companies such as Pitti Immagine Uomo.

The renovation project is fully consistent and in line with the high quality standards characterising the Florence exhibition centre, featuring a new high-density, industrial concrete flooring with an all-black surface, combining “ethic” long-term investment principles and a touch of contemporary elegance.

Among the highlights of the Nazioni Pavilion, which also features new toilets and a new air conditioning system, the presence of a dedicated gate  – Porta Mugnone – for vehicles such as shuttles and big tour buses, the closeness of its entrance to the  Stazione-Fortezza-Fiera Underground Parking, and the opportunity to benefit from an indoor parking, facing the building.

WATCH THE VIDEO https://youtu.be/3HzERhoBTl4